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Billy Elliot: The Musical  
Wheelock Family Theatre Billy Elliot: The Musical
Set to what the New York Post called Elton John's "best score yet," and named "Broadway Musical of the Decade" by Time magazine, the explosive Billy Elliot: The Musical, presented by Wheelock Family Theatre, comes to Boston with inspiring songs and high-energy dance. Based on the hit film of the same name, this heartwarming show is about a motherless boy in a small, poverty-stricken mining town who trades his boxing gloves for ballet shoes and fights against social stereotypes to achieve his dream of becoming a dancer. Cheer along as his talent and ambition become symbols of hope for a town that's enduring more than its fair share of hardship.
Blue Man Group  
Charles Playhouse Blue Man Group
Blue Man Group is best known for its award-winning theatrical productions which critics have described as "ground-breaking," "hilarious," "visually stunning" and "musically powerful." These performances feature three enigmatic bald and blue characters who take the audience through a multi-sensory experience that combines theatre, percussive music, art, science and vaudeville into a form of entertainment that is like nothing else. Experience the thrill of Blue Man Group in Boston.

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Casino Evil  
Farkas Hall Casino Evil
Harvard's Hasty Pudding Theatricals goes west for its 169th annual all-male student drag comedy Casino Evil, a fun- and pun-filled farce set in '30s-era Vegas. Mobster Al Calzone is betting on building a new casino in the Nevada desert, while local folk like Grannie Oakley, lawman Hank Kupfs and tobacco-loving waitress Em Fizeema aim to keep their little saloon town Mafia-free. The famed Hasty Pudding troupe boasts alumni like William Randolph Hearst and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as well as actors and writers including Jack Lemmon, Mo Rocca, Rashida Jones and BJ Novak. Catch HPT's latest comedy extravaganza at Farkas Hall in Cambridge. This show is recommended for those ages 12 and older.
Edward II  
Charlestown Working Theater Edward II
Christopher Marlowe uses the tumultuous history of 14th century England to tell an intimate story of one man's struggle between passion and responsibility. Marlowe's play tells the epic tale of England's King Edward II, who forsakes everything for his passions and pays a tragic price at the hands of his conniving noblemen and queen. As his young heir watches love subverted by power, Edward struggles to learn to love those "whom the world hates so." One of the earliest English history plays, Edward II asks, when the allure of power is calling, which should guide us most: family, love or political gain? Check out the drama when it makes its way to the Charlestown Working Theater of the Boston area.
Boston University Theatre Emmeline
It's rare to find a completely American opera, so Emmeline makes for a good entry point into the art form. Sung in English with supertitles, this is an American retelling of the Oedipus myth from the female perspective. Based on a true story, the opera takes place in the 1800s, when 13-year-old Emmeline starts work in a Massachusetts factory. Seduced by the factory supervisor, she gives birth to a child, who is given away for adoption. Twenty years later, Emmeline marries a young man only to discover too late that he is in fact her son. Though the tale is tragic, the beauty of Emmeline is the strength of character that sees the heroine through to the end, as well as its powerful libretto. Sung in English with supertitles.
Exit Strategy  
Boston Center for the Arts Exit Strategy
A group of teachers launch a last-minute battle to save their Chicago public high school in the piercing drama Exit Strategy. Over the course of the academic year, the teachers put their careers, their future and even their safety in the hands of a fast-talking administrator who comes on strong -- but might actually have no clue what he's doing. Ike Holter's beautiful new play is about the teachers, administration and students, their struggles and their lives in a very tough situation. See Zeitgeist Stage Company's thrilling production at Boston Center for the Arts, and find out why The Philadelphia Tribune called Exit Strategy "gripping and timely."
Four-Handed Illusion  
Hampshire House Four-Handed Illusion
Get ready to have your funny bone tickled and your mind blown at Four-Handed Illusions, starring magicians Joel Acevedo and Steve Kradolfer. With their blend of magic and intelligent comedy, Acevedo and Kradolfer craft a uniquely entertaining night. As one of only 50 guests, you'll be able to experience all of the sleight of hand up-close in the elegant and intimate setting of the Hampshire House's library room. One of the founders of Boston's famed Mystery Lounge, Kradolfer has performed for Fortune 500 companies across the country. Of Mystery Lounge regular Acevedo, magic legend David Blaine raved, "Even magicians appreciate what Joel can do."
The Honey Trap  
Boston Playwrights' Theatre The Honey Trap
In The Honey Trap, two off-duty British soldiers meet two local girls in a bar in 1970's Belfast. However, what seems like an innocent encounter at the pub evolves into something darker. Years later, during an oral history project, Dave revisits old wounds that take him back to Belfast in search of answers and revenge. See this Irish tragedy when it comes to Boston Playwrights' Theatre - Walcott Theatre.
Informed Consent  
Apollinaire Theatre Company at Chelsea Theatre Works Informed Consent
Inspired by the real-life case of the Havasupai Tribe, the drama Informed Consent tackles the tough question of how much knowledge is too much? An ambitious geneticist is hired to help figure out why a Native American tribe is being devastated by diabetes. But when her research threatens their most sacred traditions, she has to decide what is more important. An urgent, of-the-moment dive into topical issues, Informed Consent comes to Chelsea Theatre Works.
Jonah and The Whale  
Stoneham Theatre Jonah and The Whale
One of the oddest -- and most known -- stories in the Old Testament gets the musical treatment in Jonah and The Whale, which makes its East Coast premiere at the Stoneham Theatre. This unforgettable story of faith, loss and survival against unbeatable odds features a brand-new pop-folk score written by David Darrow and Blake Thomas. This epic re-imagining of a familiar tale is ideal for the entire family.
Shear Madness  
Charles Playhouse Shear Madness
"Shear Madness" is one of the most popular entertainments in the world, delighting audiences night after night with its unique blend of madcap improvisation and spine-tickling mystery. This unique comedy-whodunit takes place today in the "Shear Madness" hairstyling salon and is chock full of up-to-the-minute spontaneous humor. During the course of the action, a murder is committed and the audience gets to spot the clues, question the suspects, and solve the funniest mystery in the annals of crime.The outcome is never the same, which is why many audience members return again and again to the scene of the mayhem.
Stage Kiss  
Lyric Stage Company of Boston Stage Kiss
A dazzlingly funny romantic comedy from MacArthur "Genius Grant" winner (not to mention Tony Award nominee and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist) Sarah Ruhl, Stage Kiss tells the story of two ex-lovers whose dormant passions for each other reignite when they're cast as a play's romantic leads. Called "a comedy that aims for big laughs and hits its target" by the New York Post, the play finds the stars quickly losing touch with reality as their onstage story begins to mirror their lives offstage. The difference between a stage kiss and a real one becomes hard to distinguish in this charming production at Lyric Stage Company of Boston.