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Blue Man Group  
Charles Playhouse Blue Man Group
Blue Man Group is best known for its award-winning theatrical productions which critics have described as "ground-breaking," "hilarious," "visually stunning" and "musically powerful." These performances feature three enigmatic bald and blue characters who take the audience through a multi-sensory experience that combines theatre, percussive music, art, science and vaudeville into a form of entertainment that is like nothing else. Experience the thrill of Blue Man Group in Boston.

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A Christmas Carol  
Central Square Theater A Christmas Carol
It wouldn't be the holidays without miserly Ebenezer Scrooge trying to derail everyone's enjoyment, and in Underground Railway Theater's production of A Christmas Carol, the Dickens classic is given a facelift. Featuring puppetry, a live musical score, dancing and an intimate setting, the sights, sounds and scents of this Christmas favorite leap off the stage. Celebrate the season with this unique look at a timeless tale.
The Game's Afoot (or Holmes for the Holidays)  
Arlington Friends of the Drama The Game's Afoot (or Holmes for the Holidays)
It's December, 1936, and Broadway star William Gillette, admired the world over for his role as Sherlock Holmes, has invited his fellow cast members to his Connecticut castle for a weekend of revelry. The ensuing danger and hilarity are nonstop in this glittering whodunit set during the Christmas holidays. Enjoy all the festive fun of Ken Ludwig's The Game's Afoot (or Holmes for the Holidays) at Arlington Friends of the Drama.
Hold These Truths  
Lyric Stage Company of Boston Hold These Truths
A little-known American hero steps into the spotlight in playwright Jeanne Sakata's eloquent one-man show, Hold These Truths. Inspired by the true story of University of Washington student Gordon Hirabayashi, this stirring drama spotlights an important but far-too-often forgotten moment in American civil rights history. When the government decides to mass incarcerate all people of Japanese ancestry on the West Coast during World War II, Hirabayashi struggles to reconcile his country's betrayal with his passionate belief in the U.S. constitution and democracy. Join him on his journey toward a greater understanding of America's triumphs and failings. Michael Hisamoto (Stage Kiss) takes on the role of Hirabayashi in this Lyric Stage Company of Boston production that reflects both the civil rights hero's Quaker upbringing and Japanese ancestry, and features a trio of kurokos: "invisible" stage manipulators in the kabuki theatrical tradition.
Nurse Play  
Boston Playwrights' Theatre Nurse Play
Tucked away in a dark room at the back of a boarding house in the middle of nowhere, Nurse sits, drumming her fingers on the table in front of her and playing the stack of Blondie records she keeps by her feet. Her eyes were gouged out years ago, but no matter. They were only getting in the way. In the bed by her chair is the patient she is charged with taking care of, Joe. Joe has been diagnosed with a degenerative disease that keeps him bed bound, in the dark, and doped up. He also appears to be missing several limbs. The two have been alone together for quite a while. Then Joe vanishes into thin air and things begin take a bit of a strange turn.... Nurse Play, written by Exiled Theatre's co-founder James Wilkinson, receives its world premiere at the Odyssey Theatre in Boston.
Shear Madness  
Charles Playhouse Shear Madness
"Shear Madness" is one of the most popular entertainments in the world, delighting audiences night after night with its unique blend of madcap improvisation and spine-tickling mystery. This unique comedy-whodunit takes place today in the "Shear Madness" hairstyling salon and is chock full of up-to-the-minute spontaneous humor. During the course of the action, a murder is committed and the audience gets to spot the clues, question the suspects, and solve the funniest mystery in the annals of crime.The outcome is never the same, which is why many audience members return again and again to the scene of the mayhem.