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Cirque du Soleil's KURIOS - Cabinet of Curiosities May 26 - Jul 10, 2016  
Grand Chapiteau at Suffolk Downs Cirque du Soleil's KURIOS - Cabinet of Curiosities
What if, by engaging your imagination and opening your mind, you could alter reality and unlock the door to a world of wonders? Welcome to the realm of KURIOS -- Cabinet of Curiosities from Cirque du Soleil. Step into the curio cabinet of an ambitious inventor who defies the laws of time, space and dimension in order to reinvent everything around him. Suddenly, the visible becomes invisible, perspectives are transformed, and the world is literally turned upside down in a place that's as beautiful as it is mysterious. Stunning acrobatics blend with unusual curiosity acts, and otherworldly characters spring to life before your eyes. Is this magical, mechanical land real, or just a figment of your imagination? You have to see it to disbelieve it. The magic is happening this summer in the Grand Chapiteau at Suffolk Downs in Boston.
Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) May 26 - Jun 26, 2016  
Wellesley Repertory Theatre at Ruth Nagel Jones Theatre Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
When scholar Constance Ledbelly finds the original manuscript for Shakespeare's Othello and Romeo and Juliet, she's transported into the world of the plays themselves! She visits Juliet and Desdemona, saving them from the deaths the Bard intended for them, while learning what the two women are all about. Featuring a voyage of self-discovery filled with twists, fights, dances, seduction and wild surprises, Constance embodies the Shakespearean spirit while plundering the plays to create something entirely new. You can enjoy this gleeful new trip through familiar classics at the Ruth Nagel Jones Theatre in Wellesley.
The Taming May 27 - Jul 30, 2016  
Elayne Bernstein Theatre The Taming
With her cheerfully absurd production The Taming, award-winning playwright Lauren Gunderson offers up a Shakespeare-inspired, playful and problematic battle of the sexes. America's overheated political rhetoric is exposed through the passions of three slightly insane women who just might be revolutionary geniuses. This hilarious red state vs. blue state comedy was originally inspired by the banter in The Taming of the Shrew. The play spanks America's sound-bite politics and proves the point that true debate is hot. Get caught up in the timely campaign trail tale at Elayne Bernstein Theatre in Lenox.
Bullets Over Broadway May 31 - Jun 5, 2016  
Providence Performing Arts Center Bullets Over Broadway
Bullets Over Broadway aims for pure entertainment and hits the target with dazzling song-and-dance numbers and a crackling script by none other than Woody Allen, with original direction and choreography by Susan Stroman (The Producers). Based on his beloved film, this hit musical brings New York's Jazz Age to life, as it spins a story about a young playwright who's looking for a producer to back his next show. Instead, he finds a mobster who's looking for a role for his actress girlfriend. "A fun machine from start to finish," (The New Yorker) this delightful musical comes to the Providence Performing Arts Center.
Killer Maples: The Musical! Jun 3 - Jun 5, 2016  
Yelling Man Theatre at POP Allston Killer Maples: The Musical!
Have you ever seen a campy horror-romance musical about a young couple versus a murderous stand of trees? If you have, here's your chance to turn that bold-faced lie into fact. Reggie and Sue live a quiet, tense existence on a Vermont mountainside. They broke up a while back, but Reggie had to move back in (it's a sore subject, don't ask). One day when a stand of maple trees comes to life and attacks, Reggie and Sue have to fight back against the arboreal threat. As the trees beat down the door, the separated couple works to uncover the weird truth of the trees, which has something to do with the disappearance of Sue's brother. Featuring whimsical, live, all-original music, Killer Maples: The Musical! comes to POP Allston in Boston.
Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike Jun 3 - Jun 12, 2016  
Arlington Friends of the Drama Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike
The Tony Award winner for Best Play of 2013, Christopher Durang's hit Broadway satire skewers the classic dramas of Anton Chekhov through an absurdist tale of family dysfunction with Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike -- and you don't have to be a student of Russian literature to appreciate this zany farce. Siblings Vanya and Sonia live a quiet life in the Bucks County farmhouse where they grew up. But when their movie star sister Masha returns home unannounced with Spike, her 20-something boy toy, an unforgettable weekend ensues. Hailed as "deliriously funny" by The New York Times, this tale of sibling rivalry, regret and raucousness comes to Arlington Friends of the Drama.
Sh*t-faced Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing Jun 4 - Sep 3, 2016  
Oberon Sh*t-faced Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing
Fans of Drunk History and all its slurred education will fall over laughing at Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare, which combines an entirely serious Shakespeare play with an entirely inebriated cast member. For the last six years, Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare has been performed in the darkest corners and diviest bars in the U.K., and now the cast has brought the good time to Cambridge. Side-splitting, raucous and completely interactive, the show is fresh off sell-out runs at the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe festivals, where cast members drink beer, wine and whiskey on stage, drunkenly sing the Dawson's Creek theme song and occasionally (accidentally, of course) bare a nipple or two. Brush up on your Shakespeare knowledge and head down to OBERON, because this is the Bard as you never knew you wanted to see him before.
Funny Girl Jun 7 - Jun 19, 2016  
North Shore Music Theatre Funny Girl
Funny Girl is the hit Broadway musical that tells the story of Fanny Brice's rise from the stages of Vaudeville to become a world-renowned Ziegfeld star. But while she was cheered onstage as a great comedian, she has a more troubled private life. The musical's beloved score includes the songs; People, Don't Rain on My Parade and I'm the Greatest Star.
Dirty Dancing -- The Classic Story On Stage Jun 7 - Jun 12, 2016  
The Hanover Theatre Dirty Dancing -- The Classic Story On Stage
Get ready to have the time of your life when Dirty Dancing -- The Classic Story On Stage brings all the sexy moves and timeless music from one of the most beloved dance films of all time to dazzling life at the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts. Reimagined for the stage by the screenwriter of the legendary film, Dirty Dancing tells the story of Baby and Johnny, two fiercely independent young spirits from different worlds who come together over the course of the most challenging and triumphant summer of their lives. Featuring passionate dancing, sizzling romance and music from the film's unforgettable soundtrack, this theater sensation includes songs like "Hungry Eyes," "Hey! Baby," "Do You Love Me?" and the show-stopping "(I've Had) The Time of My Life."
Twelfth Night Jun 9 - Jul 10, 2016  
Central Square Theater Twelfth Night
With Bedlam's Twelfth Night, you'll see one play, two completely different ways, with the same five actors. The theatrical troupe specializes in classical revivals that are both radically innovative and winningly playful and their Shakespeare send-up is no exception. Twelfth Night -- which tracks the misadventures of shipwrecked twins Viola and Sebastian -- is famously filled with unrequited love, mistaken identity, romantic mischief and some of Shakespeare's wittiest wordplay. When Bedlam returns to Cambridge's Central Square Theater, they'll present two different versions of the Bard's gender-bending comedy, both of them staged by the same director and performed by the same five-person cast, whose members share between them all 12 parts.
Lobster Girl Jun 9 - Jun 26, 2016  
Stoneham Theatre Lobster Girl
Lobsterman Hank aims to butter up his girlfriend's 14-year-old daughter Cora by inviting her to spend the day with the crew out on the boat, and it's all smooth sailing until one of the guys reveals that Hank plans to ask Cora's mom for her hand in marriage. And of course, loose lips have been known to sink ships -- especially relationships. The Stoneham Theatre closes out its 16th season with this world-premiere musical-comedy, set off the shores of Cape Ann, and featuring the company's young student performers appearing alongside the production's professional artists.
What You Will Jun 10 - Jul 9, 2016  
Central Square Theater What You Will
What You Will takes Shakespeare's source material in a fascinating new direction while keeping its core intact. This "inspiring" (The New York Times) Bedlam production features music from the likes of Billie Holiday, Dusty Springfield and French pop chanteurs, and a cast whose pristine white clothes become smeared with lipstick, yellow paint and "their own hearts' blood" (The Wall Street Journal) as the play progresses. Shakespeare's Twelfth Night -- which tracks the misadventures of shipwrecked twins Viola and Sebastian -- is famously filled with unrequited love, mistaken identity, romantic mischief, love triangles, deception and some of the Bard's wittiest wordplay. The Central Square Theater in Cambridge hosts the gender-bending comedy alongside Bedlam's Twelfth Night, an alternate interpretation by the same group. The New York Times proclaims "though each takes its own (and surprisingly slight) liberties with the original script, they arrive at the same resonant, wonder-inspiring conclusion."
Blinders Jun 10 - Jun 25, 2016  
Flat Earth Theatre, Inc. at Arsenal Center for the Arts Blinders
As the U.S. faces its own high-stakes election year, Flat Earth Theatre presents a cautionary tale about the dangers of the American political circus with their dark comedy farce, Blinders. In a play that's being touted as Dr. Strangelove meets The Manchurian Candidate, two genetically identical humans -- who, although unrelated, prove to be more twin-like than actual twins -- leave an entire world in awe of their miraculous existence. No one can tell the two apart -- except Karen Sayer, a journalist who outrages the brainwashed public by declaring the two don't look anything alike. As the duplicates foster commercial success into growing political power, Karen embarks on an unexpected mission for truth. Catch this riveting and darkly funny tale from Boston-based playwright Patrick Gabridge when Blinders takes over Black Box Theater's Arsenal Center for the Arts.
Matilda The Musical Jun 14 - Jun 26, 2016  
Boston Opera House Matilda The Musical
The story of a very bright and rebellious little girl, with special powers. Matilda's parents, Mr and Mrs Wormwood, have no time for her and treat her as a nuisance. She spends most of her time reading books from the library astonishingly quickly, whilst they watch the telly and Mr Wormwood sells dodgy used cars. At school things are no better as despite the care and support of her teacher, the lovely Miss Honey, Matilda has to contend with the terrifying headmistress Miss Trunchbull who rules the school with cruelty and fear. Matilda fights against the injustices at home and at school. Eventually she decides the grown-ups should be taught a lesson and in the process discovers her supernatural powers.
Gypsy Jun 18 - Jun 26, 2016  
Memorial Hall Gypsy
There's a reason why actresses like Ethel Merman, Patti Lupone and Bette Midler have wanted to play the mother of all musical roles. Gypsy is that good. Even The New York Times says it "may be the greatest of all American musicals." Only an epic this grand could capture the real-life Gypsy Rose Lee, the ultimate stage mother, who groomed her two daughters to be vaudeville stars ... only to watch one of them leave it all behind to become a burlesque star. With a book by Arthur Laurents (West Side Story), music by Jule Styne (Funny Girl) and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim (Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods), this timeless favorite boasts classic crowd-pleasing songs like "Everything's Coming Up Roses," "Let Me Entertain You," "Together Wherever We Go," "Some People," "You Gotta Have a Gimmick" and the show-stopping "Rose's Turn." Catch this always emotional and engaging show when it comes to the Winthrop Playmakers.
If/Then Jul 5 - Jul 17, 2016  
Boston Opera House If/Then
IF/THEN is a contemporary Broadway musical about living in New York today - and all the possibilities of tomorrow. With unforgettable songs and a deeply moving story by the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning creators of Next to Normal, this "thoroughly fascinating, intellectually and musically rich new musical (Chicago Tribune)" simultaneously follows one woman's two possible life paths, painting a deeply moving portrait of the lives we lead, as well as the lives we might have led.

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