Six set for Boston this year

Jun 2, 2022
Six at Emerson Colonial Theatre

Henry the VIII was a charismatic monarch who is a part of British history. His reign is synonymous with conflicts between the monarchy and the church. Although his reign was important, he is best known for his six marriages. His wives were, in order: Catherine of Aragon (Anne Boleyn), Jane Seymour and Anna of Cleves. Katherine Howard's was Catherine Parr.

Six, the musical, will show you the drama that occurs when one king has six wives. The musical centers on the drama of being married to six different ladies. You can expect endless drama when you add an egotistical King to the mix. Six, the musical, is full of jealousy, revenge and pettiness. You will soon see that infidelity can be as common as the hair on their heads.

Six will focus on feminine beauty and incorporate it with a modern twist in order to make the story more accessible to a modern audience. The play also features a dating app that allows the king to find his next bride. You will enjoy endless drama, funny anecdotes and a series if ups and downs that will keep you guessing as to what will happen next. They will be on the edge of their chairs at one point, and then sink into their seats at another.

The musical features a variety of musical numbers that span the entire length of the show. This will allow the audience to see flawless acting and enjoy sweet serenades that compliment the story of the king's six wives. It will also be a joyful representation of women's power today. Six is a musical that takes a timeless story and adapts it to fit a modern story. It will let the audience have the best of both worlds with a beautiful story, stunning music, and modern interpretation.

The Emerson Colonial Theatre will host Six the Musical from November 9, 2022 through January 15, 2023. Boston will have the opportunity to witness Henry the VIII and his six wives perform on the Emerson Colonial Theatre's stage. This play promises to be an entertaining experience for theater lovers who are looking to enjoy a show with endless drama. Women were not allowed to have the voices they needed back then. But Six, the musical gave them the opportunity to not only speak, but also sing loudly. The audience will remember Six as a musical thrill ride that is full of emotion, excitement, and stunning production.