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    A Ride on the Irish Cream at Oberon

A Ride on the Irish Cream

2 Arrow Street Cambridge

In this fresh and surprising new musical, a live band and swath of carpet become the space to explore the thrills and terrors of a relationship between a conceited, self-made girl and her family's pontoon boat. They're in love, but as their relationship is tested by dust ruffles, sex for money, severe storms and a secret cellar, they find that the only way to stay together is to remember all the parts of themselves their bodies tried to forget. Written and created by Erin Markey, this way-out-there musical was praised by Time Out New York for its "passionate soul [that] sweeps us into its headlong, crazy gallop." Take A Ride on the Irish Cream with this American Repertory Theater production on the stage of Oberon in Cambridge.

Thru - Mar 4, 2017

Price: $30

Box Office: 617-496-8004

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